Aggressive Behaviour

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Dr. Holowaty's office hours:

Mondays - consults only

Tuesdays and Thursdays - 930 - 530 PM

Wednesdays - 10 - 8 PM (most days, dependent on After Hours Clinic Schedule)

Fridays 830 - 12, after 1 PM palliative care only

Phones are answered T/W/Th from 9 AM to 4 PM and Fridays from 9-12 noon. The building is closed and the phones are not answered between 12 - 1 each day.

Phlebotomy hours M - Th 830 - 230 through Municipality of

Marmora and Lake

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 Hours of Operation

Dr Melissa Holowaty at Marmora Medical Health

1 Madoc Street, Marmora, ON K0K 2M0, Canada

Phone: 1 613 472 2552

Fax: 1 613 472 6135

Not all services provided by Dr Holowaty are paid for by OHIP. Examples of some of the services that you are responsible for include: driver's physicals, forms for school/work/camp, sick notes, insurance medicals and insurance forms, and transfer of records. Please see the uninsured fees page for details.

You must bring your health card to every appointment in order to be seen, or you will be billed for the visit. Think of your health card as your VISA card for your health!

It is easy and free to get a photo health card at your nearest Service Ontario office.

Check the expiry date on your card and arrange for a new one before it expires. You must notify the OHIP office if your card is lost, stolen, you have a change of address, or your card is expired.

Beginning in 2016, Dr. Holowaty is offering "advanced access" booking, in keeping with Health Quality Ontario guidance. This means that you call in the same day that you wish to have an appointment. Time sensitive appointment types will still be able to be pre-booked, such as pregnancy care, immunization visits for children, and diabetes visits.

As part of the Central Hastings Family Health Organization, you are also able to attend any of the After Hours clinics offered by our group. These take place every night of the week until 8 PM to give you greater flexibility.

If you have changed your address or your telephone number please notify reception of this on check in, so that we can stay in contact with you regarding appointments, specialist vists, and repeat imaging (such as annual mammograms for high risk patients for example). 

Health Cards

If you are referred to a specialist, our staff will make your appointment and let you know when and where to go. If you cannot go at the appointed time, it is very important to contact the specialist's office and reschedule, as they often take weeks or months to arrange and there will likely be a charge to you for the missed appointment.

Uninsured Services

Health Cards

Outside of regular clinic hours, rostered patients may attend any of the after hours clinics held in Marmora or Madoc. Outside of this you may contact 1-866-553-7205. This phone number will connect you to a registered nurse who will assess your concerns.

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Unfortunately, due to a few recent incidents of aggressive behaviour to staff by patients and/or family members, I have had to put together the following ZERO TOLERANCE notice.

"Our Staff have the right to be treated with dignity and respect at all times. They should be able to do their jobs without being PHYSICALLY or VERBALLY ABUSED. Most people respect this. Anyone found abusing the staff in person or on the telephone will be asked to leave the practice and may even result in criminal proceedings." Depending on the incident, persons will be given one warning, and on the second infraction will be removed from the practice and need to find another health care setting.

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