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What *IS* palliative care?

Palliative care is NOT giving up. In fact, it can be a very aggressive treatment strategy. It's just that the goals of treatment have changed - from doing as much as we can to cure a disease, to doing as much as we can to make sure that the patient is comfortable and not suffering.

This can include oxygen, antibiotics, medications, inhalers, radiation treatments and even chemotherapy. The point at which medicine is doing more TO a person than FOR a person is a different place for everyone and needs to be an individualized process. And this conversation should be started early, while a person is still well, so the patient's fears and goals are all able to be addressed.  As caregivers and family members, it is crucial to remember that it is the dying person's feelings that matter most, and not our own.

Where does palliative care take place?

We used to die at home, surrounded by family and familiar surroundings. Palliative care can occur in hospital (Peterborough or Cobourg have the nearest palliative care wings to us), in hospice, or at home with the assistance of a palliative care physician and a home care team (nursing, occupational therapy, social worker and personal support workers).



Canadian Virtual Hospice is such a wonderful website. It has information for patients, families and professionals. It has information from how to talk to children about grief, to videos on caregiving for family members. There is a discussion forum and a question and answer panel. It is truly a wonderful site for anyone involved in palliative care.

We are lucky to have access to two Hospices in the Marmora area - both in Madoc at the Heart of Hastings Hospice and in Warkworth at The Bridge Hospice.